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Our journey began seven years ago when Lisa, a lifelong vegetarian, transitioned to veganism. She drew inspiration from organisations like Animal Aid, Earthing Ed, Viva and Veganuary. A year later, John followed suit and took a new direction in his career by establishing his own plant-based culinary and branding agency called 'Vecreative'.


Before this shift, John had a successful career in business development and marketing, specifically in the grab-and-go sector, spanning over two decades. During that time, he played a pivotal role in the growth of various companies through his expertise in design, menu development, ingredient sourcing, and his ability to boost sales with his culinary skills. 


Venturing into his new career path, John had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with influential figures in the plant-based and vegan community. One notable collaboration was with Heather Mills, the founder of VBites. Over the course of five years, John embarked on an exciting world tour, sharing his expertise with procurement teams and chefs in countries such as the US, Europe, Asia, and Israel. During his presentations, he engaged with renowned companies like Burger King, Papa John's, Strauss, Wholefoods, and Costco, spreading awareness and knowledge about the benefits of plant-based and vegan lifestyles to diverse audiences.


During those early years, John and Lisa's passion and dedication peaked. John, using his graphic design skills, brought their dream of owning a brand that reflected their lifestyle to life. Inspired by their love for vegan food, John created the plant-head character and the brand was born!

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