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  • Who are the plant heads?
    Herbimore plant-heads are a bunch of folk of all ages, from all walks of life, united by their noble quest to infuse positivity into their own lives, the lives of animals, and even the entire planet through enjoying great food.
  • Why Herbimore has a slightly fancier price tag than its non-vegan alternatives?
    Picture this: the meat industry is all about speed and efficiency, sadly leaving animal welfare in the dust. Plus, those sneaky subsidies keep meat prices artificially low. And let's not forget, it's a bummer that it's cheaper to harm our planet than to protect it. Huge flood lit Boo! But fear ye not! Our grand mission is to make Herbimore accessible to all taste buds and budgets alike. We want everyone to savour our scrumptious alternatives. That's where you come in! Your support and contribution will help us spread the joy of Herbimore far and wide. So join the herbimore revolution, and let's make a difference together! Together, we'll bring this delightful vegan option to every food enthusiast out there! Bon appétit!
  • Is Herbimore the ultimate superhero for the planet? Are the crops grown for plant-heads secretly villains causing harm to the environment?
    Hold on to your capes, because here's the truth: all forms of farming have an impact on the environment. But wait, there's more! The amount of crops needed to feed farmed animals is like a monstrous giant, towering over what humans would ever require. Talk about inefficiency and waste! You see, when it comes to meat production, the calories returned from meat, milk, and eggs are like a tiny sidekick compared to the vast amount of calories invested in feeding those animals with crops. It's like the villains stealing the show! And the consequences are dire. Wasting crops not only robs us of precious land, but it also sends a shockwave through our wild spaces, endangering our beloved wildlife. But fear not, dear citizens, for research has come to the rescue! It reveals that nearly all plant-based foods are like Earth's superheroes, fighting to save the day. They have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to their animal-based counterparts. So, put on your vegan cape and join the league of plant-head planet protectors, because Herbimore and his plant-embraced pals are here to save the day!

Championing classic British hand-held snacks but with an earth friendlier Herbimore® twist!


Perfect for a chilled quick snack offering or heat up before you eat up... or pimp up, plated with a side. 


get your hands on one of our amazing vegan toasties and let the "vegantastic" flavours take your taste buds on a road trip to 'OH YEAH!


Don't be "provolone," grab a bite and enjoy the "grate-est" cheesy experience of your life! without the dairy or meat!


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